Promotions & Marketing





Goody bags or hampers can contain DVDs of your promos,


and other  branded  merchandise, samples, discount


vouchers and  offers,   as well as hand-made gifts and


favours,  such as  luxurious artisan chocolates and soaps.


We can source a  variety of packaging styles  including


eco-friendly and  economical jute bags,  crafty retro hand-


made fabric or paper bags, and baskets  and hampers  of


all  sizes.



We can utilise locally- sourced and ethical goods where


possible.  We've done  our research and we're bursting  at


the seams with ideas, and can tailor-make  a promotional


package deal to fit your  needs.    As media producers,


we're all about market research and catering to a target  



























Woman working with many building samples

        Promoting your brand & your video








IT Basket keyboard


Along with our promotional video production and


web-writing  services, we also offer  support with


wider publicity, marketing and  promotions,


including a physical takeaway for  your clients,


such as;



                 Films on DVDs or USB sticks




                 customized 'Goody Bags'



Goody bags, or gift hampers are an opportunity to


put something  tangible and  memorable in the  


hands  of your prospective or current clients  -


something  they can't resist.  















In today's electronic world, goody bags are a


unique  and  personalised way of promoting


your brand with a hand-made touch and real


take-home value.





ENLIGHTEN ME TV  will coordinate all the packaging


and contents for  you,  ready to handover,  so


you're all set to ...



     ...  enlighten your customers  with a smile.  



















A film inside a goody bag is an ideal  way to bridge


the  digital world  with physical goods  - and an


item that  can  sit on an office desk or take home.



Ideal for launches,  events,  special  times of the


year,  staff training and gifts, as well  as  


introductory or  thank you gestures.  



And they really grab attention when  you need to  


keep clients aware of business developments.
















* Enlighten Me TV are offering opportunities of

product-placement in our new upcoming 'how-to' videos.  


We're currently filming interviews with CEOs, entrepreneurs, start ups, designers and artisans.


* Stay tuned for our new inspirational website and retail line with films inside gift packages... These will feature samples of interviewees' merchandise and promotional coupons for their services! 


          We're a hub of Promotional opportunities            

                          and Enlightenment!  








Enlighten Me... also offer straight Promotional

services and customised corporate gifts.


These Easter Baskets were made for an

I.T company in Bath, Somerset in Spring 2014.  


Founder of 'Enlighten Me...' Myfanwy Marshall, whipped up the idea of having chocolates custom made in the shape of computer keyboards, little PCs, and a computer mouse.


Really tapping into their brand and expertise!


Baskets were colour coded to the company's branding, chocolate bars were printed by hand with the Co. logo (and amusing quotes inside), and a range of luxury and artisan goods were sourced by Enlighten Me.  


The result was an unforgettable corporate gift

for special clients!