Developing the Enlighten Me...    'how-to' inspirational website, films and APPS.


Filming experts and characters from all walks of life, and editing 'taster' videos. Addressing subjects that cater to increasing audience demand -  as shown by our Market Research.


Meanwhile, Founder/ CEO Myfanwy Marshall is also freelancing for other companies on various projects for  Broadcast TV, including casting experts for Channel 4.


Myfanwy is currently in between Bath, Somerset and London and is available to assist with corporate promotional web videos or other productions.



September 2013


'Choice Point' (Co-Producer/ Director) won Best Documentary and Best Editing at Southampton International Film Festival, an Award of Merit at the Accolade Awards,

and an Honorable Mention at the LA Movie Awards.  




August, 2013



Filming Artisans/ entrepreneurs at the Edinburgh Festival, Scotland, and Glastonbury, England, for the upcoming 'Enlighten Me...' how-to website and future online gift shop.




April 2013



Produced and directed a promotional web video for a Training company in the Health/ Care industry.


Thanks to lovely Editor Clive Payne for helping out with the edit when he is in such high demand!







Just finished Co-Producing & Co-Directing the final cut of feature documentary starring Sir Richard Branson and Jack Canfield: 'Choice Point'. And the film is now released!


You can watch it here:






























Choice Point's Pre-Screening/ Launch Party in Richmond, London was a sell out event.     

June 26th, 2012


* Interviewee David Hamilton PHD

* Film Editor Clive Payne

* Co-Producer/Director Myfanwy Marshall

* Founder/ Director of Choice Point, Harry Massey

* Interviewee Brett Moran


...time to celebrate!  (and catch up on some sleep!)

Jan - August 2012

Filming and directing the edit on documentary 'Choice Point' under Harry Massey, Director/ Founder of Choice Point and NES Health in Poole, Dorset.  


At first the plan was to join Harry in California, US, so I started to look for crew in the US. But then plans changed and Harry came over to England, and I looked to hire closer to home.


It was a great to give 2 graduates their first production 'break'. I also hired one of my trusty Senior BBC editors I'd known more than 15+ years to lay down the foundations of the film.


My lead editor Graeme, junior editor Dan, and Production Assistant Grant, all lived in a beach house with me in Sandbanks, Dorset England to focus on completing the production.


Filming Harry's presenter links along the Dorset coastline was a joy (apart from a few chilly moments), and it was also wonderful to film a gentile, beautiful actress in nearby enchanted woods.


After months of scripting, clearing archive, filming, and editing, things were changing pace again. I waved farewell to Graeme as he sailed off to get married, and local Editor Clive Payne picked up the rest of film's post production and dazzled us with his graphics!


It was a real team effort. And a happy, harmonious, supportive experience. The way I believe teams should be.


- Myfanwy

Founder of Enlighten Me TV











August - December 2012

Filming interviews for our 'Enlighten Me...' how to series of videos. And in addition to our registered trademark for Enlighten Me...TV, the next step was arranging  Trademark registrations for the 'Enlighten Me...' brand.  This proved to be a vast legal undertaking! But some legal training never goes astray.