Sparking in Development ...




A fresh, unique WW2 documentary that will touch hearts like no other and reach a cross-generational audience.


The story of a German bomber pilot who returned to England to say sorry.


A surprising, personal tale of unlikely friendships and forgiveness between nations.






'Enlighten Me...' series of 'how to' videos, APPS, magazine and books.


Accessed via our central portal 'Enlighten-Me.com'; a warm and inviting 'one stop shop' -  the go-to site for inspiration, support and resources

on skills for life. Also curating other content and films for web TV (EnlightenMe.tv)




    * Tools for life - everything from Love & Relationships to starting

      over in Work & Career,  e.g. becoming your own boss.  


    * The practical 'how-to' action-steps and success

      stories for soul searchers looking to follow their passion,

      live their life purpose, find more meaning, a sense of

      direction ... and much more catering to increased audience




     * Enlightening interviews.  Life Lessons Worth Sharing. 


       Practical everyday advice and words of wisdom. Signposts to

       navigate our way through the journey of life. And exploring the

       big questions along the way.


     * Guidance on How-to Remedy Matters of the Heart...and soul.


       Surviving life's roller coaster of emotions - from our

       darkest nights - to the times that make us light up inside.



Think 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' books - meets the    

'Dummies' series.


'Enlighten Me...' is our Registered Trademark for these projects

and a wide range of spin off products with the brand.  






An aspirational multi-platform, interactive project on envisioning a brighter future 

and navigating our way through life's transitions.


Seeking APP developer.

A job seekers transformational guide

- with a twist.


Experts secured for TV series - both familiar faces and new talent - come to the rescue with warmth, compassion and new direction.

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That's just a taster of what we're up to.  


Further details of our very long slate of ideas are currently under wraps!  


Touch base here soon for more updates on what's sparking in our powerhouse of ideas.


We won't keep you in the dark for long.



Young woman sitting in wheelbarrow in allotment Sunset 2






This video was shot, produced and edited by the film-makers who followed Willi's story, and are now entrusting Enlighten Me TV to treat the story with the humanity it deserves, and to take it to a broad appreciative audience.









'Enlighten  Me...' the main 'how to' website -  a hub of enlightenment and all things inspirational  - is currently being built.  


Meanwhile, we're filming interviews with experts, entrepreneurs, artists, authors and people from all walks of life, and cutting 'taster' videos.


And stay tuned for 'The Enlighten Me Show' ...


An insightful Talk Show for our times! A mix of candid, 'enlightening conversations with...' a range of interviewees speaking straight from their hearts, sharing their souls, and offering words of wisdom... along with entertaining magazine elements, and inspiring transformation.


This is a talk show with refreshing depth and meaning, and relevance to viewers' lives.


Founder of Enlighten Me TV, Producer Myfanwy Marshall plans to build on her experience devising and Series-Producing her successful late night studio-based BBC talk show 'YOUTH NATION.'


This series lifted the lid on deeply personal and social issues that were close to viewers' hearts  - issues that just didn't get any, or very little, mainstream 'airtime'. And audiences wrote in wanting more. She is still  keen to support young audiences, but this time wishes to also cater for a wider audience - addressing universal topics on the human condition - transcending age.


Enlighten Me TV are offering opportunities of promotion and product placement to carefully selected sponsors.  We are keen to team up with business partners and others looking to collaborate.


We are happy to discuss ideas with TV broadcasters and companies interested in Co-Productions.













[email protected]





















If you'd like the opportunity to be selected for Product Placement and promotion within our films and other content, would like to be interviewed, or would generally like to be involved in our cause, we welcome you to get in touch.  





Image of actress from a shoot directed by Myfanwy Marshall in Dorset for 'Choice Point'. Shot on 5D.