Founder of Enlighten Me TV, Producer Myfanwy Marshall was Co-Producer/ Co-Director on the feature documentary 'Choice Point' - starring Sir Richard Branson, John Paul Dejoria and James Caan. She was invited by US-based entrepreneur and visionary, Harry Massey (the Creator/ Director of Choice Point Movement), to help bring his inspirational vision to life and the film to fruition.  









The key theme:  the choice between the 'Love of Power' and the 'Power of Love'.  The film includes stories of people who arrived at a 'choice point' in their lives and decided to take a new direction;  coming from a more loving, heartfelt, meaningful place, and embark on a life purpose that could make a difference in their world. In short, they 'aligned' with a purpose greater than themselves, and are now contributing their unique piece of the puzzle to help solve the problems of the world.


SIR RICHARD BRANSON, 'Dragon's Den' business guru JAMES CAAN, and Paul Mitchell shampoo tycoon JOHN PAUL DEJORIA share how philanthropy brings more meaning to their lives, as well as the lives they touch.  Former investment banker ALISON POTHIER who created 'Inside Out Retreats', and addiction specialist BRETT MORAN share their deeply moving tales of personal transformation and how they broke out of a negative cycle and began to see life in a new light. Their stories particularly offer inspiration for anyone seeking a new career path and greater fulfillment, and offer comfort to anyone embracing change. Author DAVID HAMILTON, PHD, probes the science of giving and GREGG BRADEN explains the window of opportunity at a 'Choice Point'.   JACK CANFIELD of 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' and author  BARBARA MARX HUBBARD, among others, also feature in this heart-warming, invigorating and 'enlightening' documentary.  


A promotional video explaining 'What is a Choice Point?' produced by Myfanwy Marshall:





















Harry's theory for handling a Choice Point is based on 3 themes: 1). Understand Your World 2). Align Your Purpose and 3). Be The Change.  Harry put this theory into practice in his own life, and we see it portrayed in the lives of the interviewees in the film.


Here's a marketing video, also produced by Myfanwy,  explaining the idea behind aligning with your purpose, and the patterns and trends in the world around you.





















Following contributions from a number of team members who worked on the project with Harry,  Myfanwy and her team completed filming, scripting, and post-production in the summer of 2012 in Dorset, England with a joyful team spirit, a sense of heart-felt common purpose -  and a big dose of the 'Power of Love'!   Myfanwy brought in one of her trusted longstanding ex BBC editors Graeme Briggs, who is highly skilled in storytelling and narratives - and an instinctive, warm and wise soul.  She was also pleased to give excitable and ambitious Film-making/ Media graduates their big break,  and to work with local Dorset editor Clive Payne who dazzled everyone with his punchy cutting and After Effects graphics!  It was a pleasure to work closely with the kind and gentle soul that is Harry Massey, and to share his vision, passion and intention for his film.


Choice Point is also a book (By Scientist Dr David Hamilton & Harry Massey) published by Hay House, and a Global movement.  The aim: to help people find support and direction, and to collaborate on a shared vision towards a better world. Imagine if everyone utilized their gifts - contributing their unique talents, skills and passions. Not only would we all live with a renewed sense of purpose, but the world over would be headed towards a more inclusive, harmonious and productive world.


This is very much a concept that is aligned with EMTV's mission to inspire and empower audiences, and ultimately do some good. Enlighten Me TV believes harmony is possible when everyone is contributing their full potential and working towards a common goal based on what's best for the greater good, rather than that which is ego-led, self-serving and controlling.  Such  'love of power' simply cannot build lasting foundations for the future or lead to happy and flourishing outcomes. It is kindness, gentleness and being led from the heart that can change the world. Gandhi said it best "Be the Change you want to see in the world". These days, interviewees such as John Paul Dejoria and Richard Branson lead the way...





Choice Point has won Best Documentary and Best Editing at Southhampton International Film Festival, an Award of merit at Accolade Awards, and an 'Honorable Mention' at the LA Movie Awards.






DVD's are available for purchase and the film can be viewed online here: www.ChoicePointMovement.com  









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