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As part of our Consumer products, we offer a series of 'Enlighten Me...®' books and videos on Remedies for Heart and Soul, and

'Life Lessons Worth Sharing'.



There are 2 Collections:


1)    Inspirational 'how-to's on 'Life, Love and all That Really Matters', featuring experts, tips, tools and case studies.

      Putting inspirational words of wisdom into practice for everyday life.


2)   'The Heart to Heart Collection'. A series of short personal testimonials. These comforting companion books, which contain

     'Life Lessons Worth  Sharing,' are like having heart-to-heart chat with a good friend while looking out at the horizon.

     A chance to ponder the big picture, gain a fresh perspective and receive inspiration that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

     Through reassuring  tales  from fellow travellers on the journey of life, readers are offered comfort that they are not alone in their

     experience. Afterall,  we are all just human. These books also contain tips and poetic words of wisdom. Ideal gift books to show  

     you care.



    Our first 2 titles in "The Heart to Heart" Collection (available in paperbook or e-book) :

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"Enlighten Me...®' is our registered trademark for books in the US and UK.

"THE WAVES OF GRIEF: How Mindfulness and Self Compassion can Gently Navigate the Storm of Loss... Notes from Fellow Travellers on the Journey from Heartbreak to Peace."  


When you lose the one you love and your world falls apart, the typical advice, and expectations on you is to 'stay strong'.  But toughing it out, and 'just getting on with it' are not always the strongest and healthiest ways forward.  What we resist, persists.  And what gets suppressed, eventually has to be expressed.   Heartbreak takes its own natural course, and the waves of emotion we feel are just a natural reflection of love. You're only human, and allowed to feel what you feel.  After the initial shock that bowls us over, and can pull us under, grief can still come in waves.


Find relief and reassurance in this collection of short notes and observations from fellow travellers who discovered the mindful,  'gently does it' approach on their journey through grief.  This book gives you a permission slip to be patient with yourself, experience

your feelings in your own way, in your own time, and not be so hard

on yourself.


"THE WAVES OF GRIEF"  is a 'heart to heart' talk, with words of comfort, and personal experiences on how it's possible to survive the heartbreak of loss. This short and easy to read book is a warm companion, a place to find solace, and can help you realize you're not alone in your experience.   There's also enlightening quotes, poetic wisdom, and suggestions for personal reflection.


The book covers personal experiences about coping with: losing a partner, the death of parents and other family members, childhood bereavement and delayed grief, the shock of a sudden tragedy,  as well as the heartbreak of coming to terms with the end of a relationship.


The authors share how discovering the art of self care and mindfulness were key to surviving the dark stormy emotions that come with devastating loss.  And the guiding light that helped navigate the way towards finding peace and healing: suggesting that the 'gently does it' approach is indeed the stronger path.


An ideal gift for a loved one who is grieving or heartbroken, especially, when you don't know what to say.





"SOMEBODY LOVES YOU: Enough Already! You Deserve Real Love. Believe You are Precious and Find the Real Deal."



Comforting words to reassure and uplift the lonely and broken hearted.


An invitation for anyone longing for love to feel validated and worthy.


This book aims to inspire hope of finding real love and encouragement to not settle for second best.