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The inspiration behind 'Enlighten Me...TV' ?




[email protected]


Myfanwy has Directed on DISCOVERY documentaries and docu-dramas, Created, Produced and Directed BBC talk shows,

make-over shows, and inspirational, educational programmes on careers and business. She's filmed business leaders in just about every industry, and scripted and directed a range of TV Presenters. She's also devised, pitched, won and produced promotional video commissions and tenders for clients such as the EUROPEAN UNION and the UNITED NATIONS, as well as a work skills training DVD series for BBC WORLD WIDE Productions - which was later sold to SKY Business Channel.


Documentary work has covered a range of social issues, from poverty and microenterprise in Honduras -  to a BAFTA - winning film on racism and forgiveness in South Africa, from domestic violence, to overcoming homelessness in Coney Island,

New York.  


Myfanwy is known for a perceptive and empathetic interviewing style, particularly with documentaries on sensitive issues,  as well as being an energising, fun and inspiring director on promos and factual-entertainment. Interviewees, from all walks of life, have included the CEO of Thomas Cook,  Sir David Attenborough and Hollywood starlet Isla Fisher. Others have ranged from those suffering with rare genetic and terminal conditions, to a young British woman who beat the odds and tracked down her kidnapped child in Mexico.  Myfanwy has a reputation for quickly building trust and rapport with contributors.  She is also known for having instinctive editorial judgement, being a powerhouse of ideas and energy, and having a cheeky sense of humour!  


She has worked across a wide range of genres at BBC, including Children's programmes, Education, Science, Arts, Current Affairs, Drama, Factual Entertainment, and a stint in feature films training with the late Oscar - winning Writer/Director

Anthony Minghella. Factual entertainment included creating an amusing makeover format on communication skills starring WatchDog's Matt Allwright and Big Brother's Judi James. This series combined structured reality with drama/ comedy.


At the BBC, Myfanwy developed a reputation for inventing and creating accessible and refreshing programmes that connect with target audiences. For example, devising and Series-Producing the successful BBC Education teen talk show

'YOUTH NATION'; which gave young people a voice. As a Series-Producer, she is known for inspiring, motivating and training teams with a warm, supportive, hands-on approach to leadership.


Working in the BBC Education department was a career highlight and a joy for Myfanwy. The department broadcast inspirational, solutions-focused TV that really made a difference. Programmes on business and careers shared success stories  and encouraged students to do what they're good at and live their dreams. And delivered practical steps. Her talk show

'Youth Nation' openly addressed personal and social issues that don't often get talked about, and she received constant letters of appreciation from young audiences wanting more. One episode was nominated by the public for a Mental Health Media award. This work was incredibly rewarding as the feedback showed her programmes were touching lives.


So, after deciding to move on from the BBC after 11 years, she came up with her own brand 'Enlighten Me...' as a way to provide content that can also educate, empower, and entertain. Her project 'Enlighten Me...' features inspirational and practical 'how-to' tools and skills for life,  as well as tips on how to remedy matters of the heart and soul! ("Enlighten Me... on Life, Love and all that really matters").   She is currently building a central website for the series of 'Enlighten Me...' videos

and multi-media and filming enlightening interviews on 'Life lessons worth sharing'.   The long term vision also includes:

'The Enlighten Me Show" - an insightful magazine/ talk show for our times, with elements of transformation.  



Writing & Reporting


Published writing has included ghostwriting a celebrity's book for teenagers (Boxtree/ Pan Macmillan), writing online content, and articles for BBC WORLDWIDE children's magazines, as well as other print media in the US, UK and Australia including



Early on, while a Production Assistant, she used her holidays to 'make her own breaks', such as reporting for

BBC WORLD SERVICE RADIO on the United Nations World Youth Forum in Vienna.  She also initiated and self shot a film on the event which ended up being commissioned by the UNITED NATIONS in New York. It was called 'Tomorrow's World Leaders'.


Myfanwy is finishing an autobiographical book called 'English Lessons' about her own life lessons, and organising a series of non-fiction books linked to her  'Enlighten Me...' videos. These feature 'enlightening conversations with'... authors, artists, experts, entrepreneurs and people from all walks of life sharing words of wisdom.



Freelance Work


While setting up 'Enlighten Me TV', Myfanwy has been freelancing on various productions including BBC-TV's popular lifestyle series 'ESCAPE TO THE COUNTRY' at Talkback THAMES,  aswell as scriptwriting corporate videos for commercial clients such as Lloyds TSB bank.


In August 2012, Myfanwy finished Co-Producing and Co-Directing on the documentary, 'CHOICE POINT', featuring an inspirational, international cast such as; philanthropists Sir Richard Branson (Virgin group),  James Caan (BBC's 'Dragon's Den'), John Paul DeJoria (Paul Mitchell Hair products), and authors David Hamilton PHD and Jack Canfield ('Chicken Soup for the Soul' series).




On her 18th birthday, she was selected to appear as an 'extra' playing a reporter in the US telemovie, ''The Ryan White Story', shot in North Carolina,  directed by John Herzfeld. On set she was inspired by actress Judith Light  ('Ugly Betty'/ Dallas') who gave her career advice in the form of 3 life lessons.  She never forgot her words of wisdom:


(1). "Be determined - don't be knocked by rejection, be persistent".

(2). "Be true to yourself"

(3). "Be good to people along the way".


And this is what Myfanwy followed throughout her career path:  "Persistence pays off. There is a niche for everyone -  find the place where you can be true to you. Stick by your values. It is possible to get ahead by being honest and considerate, and collaborative over competitive. Hard work, teamwork and passion make all the difference" she says.  


Myfanwy believes "there is much more to life than work, but whatever one chooses to work on - do it with all your heart".


Part of the 'Enlighten Me...' ethos is to encourage everyone to fulfil their potential, and to help with the 'how-tos'.

Read a blog on 'following your dreams' here.



Production Services


For production services, Myfanwy brings with her a team of vibrant, like minded talent, including award-winning

BBC editors, camera operators, scriptwriters, script-editors, as well as bright, young rising stars.  A recent corporate video for a client in the health care industry can be found here.


Myfanwy is mobile and available internationally.   She also works virtually.


Myfanwy is keen to build a team with similar passions and develop and Executive Produce joint ventures with international partners and sponsors.


Showreel coming soon









Myfanwy interviewing shampoo tycoon,  John Paul DeJoria (CEO, John Paul Mitchell Systems) - for 'Choice Point' at his Malibu home, LA.



* Directing (& Series-Producing) Judi James (Big Brother) and Matt Allwright (BBC-TV's 'Watch Dog/ Rogue Traders),

 coming to the  rescue in "The Toolkit to Communicating". BBC2/BBC WorldWide


* Filming a story on poverty and micro-finance in a refugee camp in Honduras. "The Test of Time,"  BBC2


* Filming a story on homelessness and faith in Coney Island, New York.  "The Test of Time, "  BBC2


* Filming a story on racism and forgiveness in Cape Town, South Africa.  "The Test of Time,"   BBC2.    


 Won a BAFTA.


* Created & Series Produced BBC talk show "Youth Nation" presented by Richard Blackwood. Myfanwy's concept

 for the studio set was a warm, inclusive and multi-cultural feel  -  to look like a comfy 'chill out tent' for teens.


* Directing actress on feature 'Choice Point'.



More memorabilia coming out the vault soon...



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Myfanwy is an international Film & TV Producer and Publisher Writer, with over 20 years production experience, including an 11 year track record as BBC-TV staff in London.


Since childhood, she always had her heart set on Film, TV and publishing. Aged 8 she would spend her lunchtimes gathering all the class 'jokers' and confident kids together, and direct weekly plays to present to class. Sometimes, thanks to the encouragement of  attentive teachers and family, she'd write her own stories and create student newspapers. At age 14, she  spent school holidays having 'work experience' at TV stations. By 18, having just been crowned 'Miss Junior South Australia', she found internships working on Hollywood feature films in America, where she was an AFS Exchange Student and state scholarship winner.  


Aged 24, Myfanwy left ABC-TV Sydney in her home country Australia - with a 1 way ticket to LONDON in one hand,  a 1 year contract with BBC-TV in the other -  and a mission to make documentaries that could do some good in the world. What began as a 1 year 'international job swap'  soon led to her dream career; filming documentaries in far flung countries, inventing and directing fresh factual-entertainment formats, and leading teams with a creative vision as a Series-Producer/Creator. During her first year in London, aged 24, she also became a published Author/Biographer.





                                    MYFANWY MARSHALL  





CEO (alias 'Chief Enlightenment Officer')

'Enlighten Me...TV' and 'Enlighten Me...' are Registered Trademarks of Myfanwy Marshall.