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Here at EMTV we're all about shining a light in the world.


We don't wish to add to the darkness in the world by presenting negative media. Instead, we prefer to turn

the spotlight on positive stories and solutions.  To be a messenger of hope. To spread words of wisdom and enlightened ideas.  

To create films that sparkle with heart and soul.  


Besides delivering to our clients' requirements, we create uplifting, heartfelt and refreshingly honest TV, films

and multi-media  which aim to inspire, enlighten and empower audiences.  For a taster of what we're developing

look       here.







-  Film & TV Productions

-  Corporate, Training & Promotional web videos

-  Scriptwriting & Script-editing

-  Edit Producing

-  Research & Development

-  Casting

-  Voice overs


-  Writing online content, copywriting, blogging

-  Social Media management

-  PR and writing marketing/promotional copy

-  Ghost-writing. E-books.

-  Researching and writing Proposals & Tenders

-  Media training – coaching presenters & experts

-  PR & Promotions consultancy




Founder of Enlighten Me TV,  Myfanwy Marshall is a published celebrity Ghostwriter, with articles published in national newspapers and magazines including MARIE CLAIRE and BBC WORLDWIDE magazines. She has also worked as a copywriter and blogger.  Having an

11 year BBC staff track record, she has produced and directed a multitude of Training Videos in the BBC-TV Education department and for BBC World Wide Productions and written commission-winning proposals and tenders. She has freelanced with corporate clients, such as scriptwriting an internal training video for Lloyds TSB Bank. Other work has included fast turnaround, web adverts;  promoting and explaining the features of individual products, as well as producing and directing promotional videos for NGO clients such as the

EUROPEAN UNION and the UNITED NATIONS. She literally has 100's of videos under her belt. She has scripted and directed a range of high profile TV presenters and experts, and is experienced at casting and nurturing experts and interviewees who are new to on-camera roles. In addition to camera crews, she also has a wide network of other talent on hand who are specialists in a range of genres, from drama and comedy scriptwriters - to directors working in advertising and film. As a Producer, Myfanwy and Enlighten Me TV source the right talent and best skills for each project.  









Serve as a guiding light to clients and viewers. Create inspiring and solutions-focused content that is life affirming, uplifting and enlightening. Connect with audiences on an authentic, accessible and meaningful level.


Our ultimate aim is to touch hearts, transform lives and serve as a catalyst for positive change.  










* Treat others with respect and kindness. And choose to work with people who do the same. Work openly and collaboratively.


* Take care of contributors and clients with honesty, gentleness and sensitivity.  


* To give our all. Deliver to the highest standards by BBC trained staff, bringing our passion and attention to detail to every aspect of    

 production, from concept to delivery, adding value all the way.


* Nurture and value staff, offer support and build up confidence so talent can contribute their full potential - and shine.  







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