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 [n. 1: To shed light on  2: to give insight  

  3: to provide greater knowledge & understanding

  Adj: 1. inspiring   2. illuminating    3. empowering  




We create Films, TV productions, Documentaries, Promotional and Corporate videos.  Our expertise is world class - we are former

in -house BBC-TV (London) Producers.  In the corporate and public sectors, we can turn our hand to any client's brief - we love producing promotional and training videos. And in broadcast TV, we are a powerhouse of bright ideas across a range

of genres, and specialize in fresh, accessible transformational formats and intimate documentaries with a warm, emotional heart...


Feature Projects


* Filming 'Mens Sheds' - where retired men can  find community and comradery, instead of facing depression and isolation.  


* Filming vox pops at business events to help educate start up entrepreneurs.


* 'Choice Point' starring Richard Branson, won BEST DOCUMENTARY and Best Editing at Southampton International Film festival, an Award of Merit at Accolade Awards, and an 'Honorable Mention' at the LA MOVIE AWARDS.


* Documentary "SuperCharged"(California/UK) now streaming. Find it on Amazon Prime.



Currently Developing:


* Fresh transformational formats for TV


* Developing our inspiring 'Enlighten Me...'

'how-to' lifestyle website, videos, APPS 

and book series.


In production with our Enlighten Me...    'How-to' series interviewing experts, entrepreneurs, artists, authors and people from all walks of life with...  


Life lessons worth sharing.  


Tools for life.  Remedies for heart and soul.


Web TV coming soon.

Developing documentary ideas on a number of subjects including Enlightened Entrepreneurs sharing their values and the challenges of ethical leadership. Access around the world with big characters - from dazzling Dubai to old London town.  Re-building the economy on new foundations.


The Big Hearts behind Big Business.

'Choice Point '- an inspirational documentary  

on life purpose and making a difference, featuring Harry Massey (founder), Jack Canfield, James Caan, and Sir Richard Branson.  

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Main HQ: Santa Cruz,  California. USA  

London, UK - Adelaide, Australia.

Available worldwide.



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Corporate/ Promotional Videos -  a web promo for

a training company in the HealthCare industry.


We just love promoting people and their message!


                                       Watch it here...